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Race to face profits

Discover how a San Francisco ophthalmologist can leave you WIDE EYED with profit potential as CAMEO and street smarts allows you to ZOOM closer to the lifestyle of your dreams.  

This mini report examines how the author smooths out the mental wrinkles for media entrepreneurs and eCommerce shop owners seeking a proven edge in gaining fast & high ROI results.

Ethics of Cameo Conversions

This mini report examines the ethical considerations involved with using the Cameo platform as a stealth and extremely powerful high end sales conversion tool.

Leveraging Celebs for Strategic Biz Growth

There’s edge, clout, and authority which influences behavior when smart use of Celebrity power can be applied to your business development.    

This special report & video explores proven strategies and techniques which can bolster the success for any type of smart business developer by leverage the power of Cameo.


For those that don’t know CAMEO is a new platform which allows you to book personalized video shoutouts from your favorite people. 

CAMEO’s talent pool consist of some of the most famous, successful and influential people in the world. 

As a registered user you have direct access to thousands of talented people for as little as $25.00 per video.

That makes CAMEO a virtual playground for agile business developers and early stage companies who want to distinguish themselves in creative and powerful ways which can lead to HUGE opportunities and profits.

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About the author


                     Fast facts

David Gaddi is a military brat who spent his formative years in Philadelphia. Lives in Hawaii, Miami, the Philippines and Singapore.
Skips lunch, has an Android, has never owned an Apple product, wears suit and no tie, is scattered, in a creative way, never uses social media.

“I’m just a guy who’s figured out a new way of making a few extra bucks online by tapping into the power of celebrity by using the Cameo platform and a bit of street smarts.

A walk-through formula exist that I’ve developed and used to generate over $90,000 within 10 days by investing less than $1,000 on a curated ultra targeted CAMEO campaign. 

I’ve also used personalized video shoutouts to sell a $9,000 per month calendared VIP SEO deal.  The client reaction can be found within the video at the bottom of this page.

I consider this technique to be most useful for eCommerce vendors from all product types.

Professional Digital Marketers who sell services priced at $2,500 per month and beyond are a good fit.  And if I can do it you can do it too.”


David unmasked how you can let the rich and famous build your brand with stealth & surgical precision. ... I can clearly see how applying these strategies in the beginner's guide can trigger a new 6 figure sales channel to my business.

Martin F.

How to leverage celebs for your business growth with a clever twist. I would have never thought about this for the Cameo site.

Anthony P.

Cameo's talent pool is enormous and grows daily based on their tweets. David proves again how some of the best money making strategies are hidden in plain sight

Dr. Hazel A

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