How I sold over $90,000 in eCommerce in
less than 30 days by 
leveraging the power of and how you can do the same for your business. + VIDEO


Here’s the brutal truth about eCommerce:  

HEAPS of people online today think having a store loaded with the most popular plugins while throwing money and heaps of time into mass social media is enough.

I know that to be true because I’m explaining these facts based on over 7000
hours of consulting during the past 8 years from some of the worlds most ambitious digital marketers as clients.

They think, “if I build it the customers will come”.  they plan,

“If I create a Facebook account, a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account, an Instagram following a YouTube channel the customers will come.

If only it were that easy…

Growing a six or even seven figure business online in eCommerce is not common, nor is it a cakewalk.

You need to be very systematic and exceptionally talented in a variety of business disciplines concerning how you market and promote your site.

Otherwise you’re taking the “mud on the wall approach”, throwing a bunch of the stinky stuff against the wall while hoping something sticks.   Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t.

Today I’m going to show you a strategy that almost guarantees that you get high quality buyers to your shop and almost guarantees that you quickly earn above average cashflow for your business. 

Probably in a way that you’ve never thought about before.

In fact, I recently used this strategy (“The Whale or Shark Sucker Strategy”) to rake in $92,417 within 10 days.  

That’s with an eCommerce Shopify shop which sells physical products and had ZERO traffic, a meaningless social media presence, and Zero paid ads.

I promised you the exact formula and the diagram so here it is below.

That’s a snapshot of the diagram and formula and of course it requires step by step clarity and I’ll provide it for you in the members area if you decide to take the  awesome course.

But I don’t mind sharing with you that in this case the formula consisted of a simple 3 step action plan.  In this case I contacted the corporate office of a big company that I wanted to do business with.

From searching online and experience selling high ticket deals over the phone I navigated the chain of command within the corporate structure without a problem. 

My contact,  a C-level exec in charge of merchandising.  A Product manager.  These are usually pretty laid back people if you tick 3 important boxes for them quickly. 


Speak Numerically

Detail the Quality

Send a Sample

Having ticked the 3 important boxes.  I sent the exec a 5 page enhanced research and evaluation summary. 

I wanted to pioneer a method of marketing with my product that their company had never done with the product line that I owned.

In summary, I soft probed for interest based on my intro email and sales sheet.  The web link to the Shopify store, also provided.

After 2 scheduled phone calls with the exec It was clear the company wanted to do business and in the pioneering way that I’d mapped out within my proposal. 

A big SWISH for meticulous research.

However when we started to speak numerically or in numbers, it was clear that the larger company introduced scaled back wholesale buying thresholds in reply to my original concept to go bigger. 

I suspect the CFO or accounting dept for scaling back the first deal.  The preference in these situations normally leans towards conservative.

The new thresholds or minimum purchase requirements shaved about $100,000 from my
original LOI. 

Not ideal but also not a total failure since for me this equates to one huge foot in the door strategy that will have legs in the near future.  It’s more rational to think in terms of the marathon despite the seductive thoughts about sprint wins.

I could easily leverage this formula and relationship to transact with other companies in this sector. 

Though the deal scaled down to $92,000 within 10 days I am convinced that this one deal
will splinter into other more prosperous similar deals in the near future.  

But even better than that, the formula is effective whether you’re an inbound marketer or an outbound marketer.  My most profitable results however have been from outbound high ticket campaigns. 

But that’s because I do mostly outbound stuff and when I send cold emails to prospects those prospects are hyper-targeted to a razors edge. 

My emails get opened and replied to based on my distinct email subject headlines. 

And my distinct ‘From’ address which tend to be campaign specific.

Paired with a short intro letter format that I use which are basically dressed down or preliminary Letters of Intent.  Most people don’t do that.

My personalized video shoutout strategically integrated within a very important page
of the proposal held significant impact for the target prospect.

The conversion reaction is presented in the video below but here is a diagram which displays the event sequences.


Naturally I reveal this and many other details and data points once you enroll for this course.

This high ticket high value conversion system has been validated for both physical products and VIP digital agency services

Anyone with an underperforming Shopify store, Magento store, Woocommerce store.  

If you think you’ve run out of options dive into this training and discover how you can
change the trajectory of your entire business operation with a new B2B or B2B sales system.

The formula requires work. But it’s not complex. 

But it’s also NOT something that can be automated.  Most importantly the ROI makes it very well worth the effort.  

This new formula is one of the fastest ways I’ve discovered to quickly grow your bank account and develop meaningful new B2B & B2C relationships from anywhere in the world,

When I figured this out I was traveling between the Philippines and Singapore.

This is a very exciting and fun way to consistently close high ticket clients.

If you’re a smart product owner or even a super savvy super affiliate for retail physical products you’ll probably discover that tactical ad spend on Cameo or a similar shoutout platform produces better ROI than your current ad spend elsewhere.

Celebrities have influence, impact and persuasive power for many people, even if celebs have no impact on you.  You are not your market.  

You simply must know what you are doing. 



This is your invitation to learn how it’s done. 
Watch the VIDEO BELOW!




David Gaddi

David Gaddi

Media Entrepreneur. Consultant. Sales Engineer. Investor.

I’m an omni-channel remote high ticket sales engineer with more than 15 years experience delivering profit results for world class brands, pre revenue startups and small businesses.

Using strictly outbound methods of outreach I have demonstrable capability of selling six, and seven figure products and services to high net worth professionals and business owners worldwide.

My client portfolio encompasses scrappy entrepreneurs, pre revenue startups to billion dollar conglomerates.

A Mini client list includes American Expresses Travel & Leisure Magazine,
Gannett Corps USA Today imprint, Ramada Plaza Resorts Intl, Royal Caribbean Intl, Rolex. Lyft.
Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking, Convergys, Panasiatic, Sotheby’s, California Wine Club.   

My mind wanders a lot and I get curious about things fast.  When curiosity gets the better of me I test test test until something profitable occurs.  This body of work is a result of my curiosity.



I discovered and subsequently other personalized video shoutout platforms like and from a digital marketing client at my other consulting business.

My client received a video shoutout for his birthday from an A list Celebrity, or more technically he received a personalized video shoutout from a relative FEATURING an A list Celeb.

He raved infectiously about the experience during one of our sessions.

Being a remote sales engineer and realizing that the ENTIRE sales process which produced such a positive EMOTIVE experience for my client,  my interest sparked about how to systematically harness those strong positive endorphin reactions for business use.

I’ve tested and chronicled big ticket sales conversion results with the intelligent use of personalized video shoutouts and the results are unmistakable and clear.  It works.

My theory as to why personalized video shoutouts works so well withing a business context if executed correctly can be summed up in four words.


Entertainment is Recession Proof.


When you match a fantastic offer properly with the right personalized video shoutout or Cameo you’ve produced the ultimate irresistible offer and personalized high definition ENTERTAINMENT!

Of course big league profit results can only derive from meticulous research at every meaningful touch point.

It works so well from a variety of test that we’ve conducted that I have decided to offer 2 membership levels of Boss training on a limited basis because the process is quite nuanced and tailored to the specifics of your company.


Membership Level 1



is a complete body of work which gives product owners and media entrepreneurs the ability to DIY based on diagrams, and instruction orders.

Training will contain fluff free video action guides, proven email templates, sequences, scripts, tools, recommendations, and a list of proven recommended celebrities who will go the extra mile for business purposes based on the 6 proven primary categories of:


Consumer Retail Products-
Real Estate-Law-Medicine-
Banking & Finance

I expect tuition & resources will be less than $2,000.00.  Primarily for eCommerce product owners, super affiliates, boss SEO & Digital Marketers, and direct sales networks.

Membership Level 2


will be a step more advanced where it’s an in house turn key service limited partnership in exchange for profit sharing on the life cycle of the deal.  Provided the deal amount has profit value in excess of $250,000. 

Primarily for product owners who prefer outsourcing the acquisition of new distribution channels covering land, air, and sea.


One of the big problems in marketing and selling and training is trying to replicate what others have done. It’s fine to use the same tools, but precisely how you use them, searching for that model which will work best for your distinct product, service or company, is what will bring you more success.


This is a prelaunch site that is scheduled to open soon.  If you subscribed to this funnel you’ll receive enrollment info sent to your inbox as soon as we release the mojo.

If you arrived here without subscribing you can subscribe at the bottom of this page or send a message to me directly on the Contact form.

If you’re super excited about what you’ve read here and you have a current project that you’d like to run through our system for the purposes of testing and a testimonial, send me the details of your offer along with your telephone number within the Contact Form.


Thanks for reading this,


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